What is AirPay?

AirPay allows your practice to run eligibility for your entire schedule in bulk, instantly and automatically.

Does AirPay work with my PMS?

AirPay works with virtually all practice management systems based on reports that can easily be exported and used to pull the eligibility and benefits details for your entire schedule.

Does AirPay make phone calls?

AirPay is strictly a software solution and with no human beings doing the work behind the scenes.  Our goal is to take the majority of the work off your plate!

What carriers are supported?

AirPay has the most comprehensive payer support of any solution on the market with over 1200 payers and plans.  Want to see a list?  Please contact our team.

How fast is AirPay?

AirPay provides instant eligibility and benefits details in about 1 second per patient.

How much time will AirPay save my team?

Most practices report that AirPay saves them 1 hour for every 6 patients that need to be verified.

Can I customize my reports?

Yes, AirPay allows you to customize your reporting by D-codes.

What is the cost?

AirPay starts at $249 per month. Please contact our demo team to learn more.

How fast is the onboarding process?

Practices can get set up and running in less than 1 hour.

How do I get started?

Book a call with our team here.

No-Brainer Pricing

Starting at just $249 per month with no long term contracts.

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